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Keeping you up to date with what "Old Skid Kids" are getting up to

Cycle Speedway - it is generally accepted that it first blossomed on the bomb sites of a relieved London at the end of WW2 and quickly spread to all major UK cities. Hundreds of lads tearing around dirt ovals on stripped down road bikes with wide gas pipe handlebars emulating their motor bike dirt track heroes.
It is from these lads that the nucleus of the Veteran Cycle Speedway Riders Association membership is drawn.
The Association was formed in 1996 with the objectives at all times to be purely social and benevolent, helping former colleagues keep in touch to re-live old times.
Regular events are organised, mainly social but twice annually a golf day is held, a quarterly newsletter is published (see news section) and the Association also issues a directory of members to enable anyone to get in touch if they feel so inclined.
Currently having a membership of around 200 the association is open to to all former riders who took part in the sport and rode for a team, it is always looking for and welcomes new members.

Scottish Veterans
In parallel with the formation of the VCSRA in London it transpires that an association of scottish veterans was being formed in Glasgow. Called The Scottish Cycle Speedway History Association all details can be viewed on their web site, http://glasgowcshistory.tripod.com

Welsh Veterans
There is an Association Of Veterans in Wales centered in Cardiff which issues a Monthly Magazine edited by Gerry Escott.
In addition Gerry has edited and had printed a book called "The History of Welsh Cycle Speedway", he also contributes to the "spokesman-online", see link below.
Gerry can be contacted via email at digerluc@talktalk.net

Cycle Speedway History
Opened in April 2007 the National Speedway Museum located in The Paradise Wildlife Park at Broxbourne, Herts. has a corner devoted to the history and development of CYCLE SPEEDWAY.
The Cycle Speedway display, sponsored and maintained by the VCSRA is a brief visual history illustrated with pictures and memorabilia of the sport from its birth in the ‘Skid Kid’ days of 1946 to the current, highly sophisticated short track cycle racing of today.
For details of how to get to The Paradise Wildlife Park go to http://www.pwpark.com

Cycle Speedway Today
Cycle speedway is still flourishing in the UK although not as widespread as in the heady days of the 40's and 50's. Racing is held under the auspices of British Cycling and all details, fixtures, results etc. can be viewed on the British Cycling-Cycle Speedway web site http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/web/site/bc/cys/cs_latest_news.asp

The VCSRA Archive
It is the ultimate goal of the VCSRA to develop this web site archive until it is a complete pictorial record of the early days of Cycle Speedway. To accomplish this the help of many of those associated with the sport will be needed. It is anticipated that developed sections of the archive will be copied to cd's and made available to members.

For Membership Details Contact  :-
   Bill Gill / Secretary VCSRA
      Email:  wgill@gmx.co.uk

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