The Track Record
1996 to 2019

The VCSRA's Quarterly News & Nostalgia Magazine

With it's origins in the Newsletters distributed by the 1st and founding Secretary, Vic White the 1st issue of the VCSRA Track Record was distributed to members in August 1997.

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  • 1996,1997,1998
    After the three successful annual reunion dinner/dances of two East London cycle speedway clubs, Warwick Lions and Strattford Hammers early in 1996 Vic White of the Lions contacted interested parties for their views on the formation of a cycle speedway verterans Association. Given the OK he gathered a volunteer committee with himself as Secretary and the VCSRA was on its way. For the first 18 months Vic issued an information News Letter as and when reqired then in August of 1997 the first Track Record was issued with Vic as editor.

  • 1999,2000,2001
    Following the 5th VCSRA AGM in Febuary of 2001 oneime Warwick Lion Alan Catley took over the editorship of the Track Record.

  • 2002,2003,2004
    In July of 2003 due ill health Alan had to give up editing the Track record and Vic (VCSRA Secretary) accepted Bill Gadsby's offer to take over the editorship. At the 8th VCSRA AGM in Febuary of 2004 Vic announced his resignation and Colin Booth (Whipps X Comets) was appointed, unopposed Secretary.

  • 2005,2006,2007
    At the 9th VCSRA AGM in Febuary of 2005 Colin Booth stood down as secretary and Alan Catley appointed in his place. In 2006 following 'Ad Hoc' discussions that took place at the VCSRA 10th Anniversary event at Paradise Park in June Colin Booth agreed to become 'Acting' Secretary due to the indisposition of Alan Catley.

  • 2008,2009,2010
    At 12th VCSRA AGM in March of 2008 Malcom Belchambers was appointed to the position of Membership Secretary. The AGM for 2009 was very poorly attended and the AGM planned for April 2010 was canncelled.

  • 2011,2012,2013
    At the 16th VCSRA AGM in May of 2013 Bill Gill, Chairman of the British Cycle Speedway Council in 1996 wnen the VCSRA was founded was unamminously appointed Secretary of the Association.

  • 2014,2015,2016
    4 sets of VCSRA Promotional Display Stands distributed to the Regions in an effort to generate interest from the membership in replacing the current, ageing committee.
  • 2017,2018,2019
    November 2018, Secretary Bill Gill announces a rundown of the Association.Whilst maintaining the members database and websites it will cease collecting yearly fees and publication of the Track Record, January 2019 will be its final issue, it hopes to continue contact with the members via the internet/email.

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